If you’re passionate about retreats and eager to learn relaxation and mindfulness techniques, transcend past traumas, and acquire skills for handling life’s challenges, then our retreat is perfect for you. You’ll leave with the ability to lead a life that’s calmer, more focused, motivated, and joyful.

  • Do you crave experiences that are awe-inspiring, soul-stirring, heart-opening, and of course … LIFE-changing?
  • Do you desire freedom and time to recharge and nurture your creativity?
  • Do you yearn for adventure and the space to connect with other like-minded individuals to exchange ideas and possibilities and be supported?
  • Are you seeking knowledge and ways to grow the path of your spiritual evolution?
  • Do you want to BE part of the solution not the problem and be the change you want to see in the world?
  • Do you feel called to inspire and empower others in your life?
  • Do you want to find your Joy?

If you answered YES to 1 of these or more, then this RELAX, REJUVENATE & FIND YOUR JOY Bali retreat was made especially with YOU in mind. That’s exactly why you’re going to LOVE Harmonizing Energy-Transforming Lives Retreat.

Bali retreat
Bali retreat


During this Balinese adventure you will have soul stirring and awe-inspiring cultural experiences. You will dine on delicious and nutritious Balinese foods and delve into heart opening and life changing practices of yoga, meditation, AcuHarmonics, sound healing and mantra.

These liberating strategies and manifestation practices will:

  • allow you to embrace self-compassion so you can forge deep meaningful connections in your life
  • start to regulate your nervous system so you can permanently improve your sleep health and daily vitality
  • support you through any challenges and learn to integrate and heal any feelings of past grief or trauma
  • will focus and channel your energies so you can learn how to manifest your dreams to become your reality
Bali retreat

Embark on a transformative 7-day AcuHarmonics and Yoga Bali retreat at the picturesque Soulshine Bali, nestled in the vibrant heart of Ubud. Surrounded by the lush, exotic fragrance of frangipani and the soothing sounds of wildlife, this retreat promises a journey of self-discovery amidst the emerald beauty of cascading rice paddies under the Balinese sun.

Begin each day with rejuvenating yoga sessions in the midst of nature’s splendour, and dive deep into the practice of AcuHarmonics, blending ancient wisdom with modern healing techniques to align your energy in perfect harmony.

Bali retreat
Bali retreat

As evening descends, the retreat transforms into a mystical world, lit by the gentle glow of fireflies, creating a magical luminescence in the twilight. The night comes alive with the symphony of geckos, frogs, and crickets, their sounds weaving a comforting tapestry of natural music that enhances the serene atmosphere. This nocturnal ambiance, combined with the day’s transformative practices, fosters a profound sense of peace and connection with the surrounding world.

Soulshine Bali offers an enchanting sanctuary where ancient temples meld with untouched natural beauty, providing an ideal setting for profound mind, body, and soul renewal. Each element of the retreat, from the morning yoga awakenings to the evening’s natural orchestra, is designed to guide you towards a deep, transformative experience, enveloped in the serene and majestic landscape of Ubud.

Bali retreat
Bali retreat

The Venue

Soulshine Bali, nestled in Ubud’s heart, transcends mere accommodation, offering a sanctuary where the Indonesian landscape’s beauty fosters a profound journey of self-discovery and tranquility. Here, awakening to nature’s orchestra amidst Ubud’s iconic rice fields and dense jungles isn’t just refreshing – it’s a soulful experience aimed at guiding you towards inner peace.

The retreat embodies a seamless fusion of luxury, culture, and wellness, designed to align with your pursuit of personal growth and relaxation. Its ambiance, architecture, and activities are meticulously crafted to ensure your stresses dissolve, leaving you with a renewed sense of clarity and purpose.

Bali retreat

The essence of Soulshine Bali is reflected in its accommodations, where each room is more than just a space – it’s a narrative of comfort interwoven with Balinese craftsmanship. From expansive suites offering panoramic views of the verdant surroundings to serene pool rooms with private plunge pools, every detail caters to your comfort and well-being.

The rooms serve as sanctuaries for reflection and reconnection, adorned with plush bedding for restful sleep and local artwork that infuses Balinese spirit into your stay. Soulshine Bali promises an enchanting experience that beautifully marries the allure of Bali with the luxury of personal space, making every moment an opportunity to enrich your life.

The Cuisine

Soulshine Bali offers a culinary experience that transcends the ordinary, inviting diners to explore an eclectic menu where traditional Indonesian flavours meld harmoniously with global culinary traditions. Imagine starting your day with their signature Stuffed French Toast, a Food Network-acclaimed dish where rich, in-house baked brioche is ingeniously stuffed with a sweet banana-apple compote, then rolled in cookie crumbs and deep-fried to perfection. This masterpiece sits atop a bed of decadent coconut caramel and coconut whipped cream, blurring the lines between breakfast and dessert.

For those seeking the warmth of local cuisine, the Nasi Goreng or Mie Goreng presents a healthier version of these beloved Indonesian classics, wok-fried with fresh vegetables and chicken, and crowned with a sunny side up egg for a wholesome yet satisfying meal.

The innovation continues into the heartier selections, where Soulshine Bali’s commitment to freshness and quality shines through. The Ayam Bakar, a grilled Balinese chicken, is served alongside an Indonesian toasted coconut veggie urab salad, red rice, and sambal matah, offering a symphony of flavours with every bite.

Seafood lovers will revel in the Tuna Poke Bowl, where sesame soy marinated Ahi tuna is presented on seasoned rice, accompanied by a vibrant pineapple edamame corn salsa, creamy avocado, spicy mayo, and crispy tempura nori, crafting a dish that’s as visually appealing as it is delicious.

Vegetarian and vegan guests will find solace in Soulshine Bali’s plant-based offerings, from the innovative Jackfruit Tacos, where young jackfruit mimics pulled pork to perfection, to the Creamy Vegan Beet Alfredo, a delightful twist on the classic pasta dish with a creamy beet-based sauce, crushed cashews, mint, lemon, and tempeh crumble.

Each dish, whether drawing from the land or sea, traditional recipes or modern interpretations, is crafted with love, using the finest organic ingredients. At Soulshine Bali, the cuisine is not just about nourishment; it’s about an experience that feeds the soul, invites adventure, and leaves guests savouring the rich tapestry of flavours that define this unique dining destination.

Our Journey

The journey at Soulshine Bali retreat unfolds as a serene and transformative experience, starting with the arrival on Day 1, Saturday, 16th November 2024. Guests are warmly welcomed into the lush surroundings of Ubud, where they settle into luxurious accommodations.

The day is gently paced with opportunities to explore the spa, take a refreshing swim, and participate in a welcome ceremony that introduces fellow participants. The evening culminates in a gentle Hatha Yoga session during sunset, setting a tranquil tone for the retreat, followed by a welcome dinner at the StayHuman restaurant, fostering a sense of community from the onset.

Bali retreat
Bali retreat

As the Bali retreat progresses into Day 2 and Day 3, participants delve deeper into the heart of the experience with a focus on Nada Yoga and sound as healing, alongside cultural enrichment. The mornings begin with yoga and meditation, setting a mindful start to the day. Workshops such as “Learn to make a Mala” and “Learn to sing Mantras with Mala beads” offer unique skills that blend spirituality with creativity.

The afternoons provide personal time for relaxation or exploration, whether it’s through spa treatments, cultural adventures, or simply enjoying the serene environment.

These days are punctuated by special dinners, including a Balinese cultural dinner and the option to explore Ubud’s culinary scene, enriching the Bali retreat with local flavors and traditions.

The spa experience, integral to the retreat, features a complimentary 60-minute massage that epitomizes deep relaxation and harmony, utilizing a blend of traditional techniques to align mind and body, alongside other exquisite spa treatments like the invigorating coffee scrub and the therapeutic Herbal Poultice Signature Massage, enhancing the retreat’s focus on relaxation, healing, and personal growth.

Bali retreat
Bali retreat

The culmination of the Bali retreat from Day 4 through Day 7 encapsulates a journey of personal growth and healing. Each day is thoughtfully designed with activities like AcuHarmonics sound healing bath, mantra vibrational healing workshops, and a choice of immersive tours or adventurous river rafting.

The retreat’s finale on Day 7, a morning mantra chant concert followed by a farewell fire ceremony and ecstatic dance, offers a powerful closure, leaving participants with a sense of renewal and connection. As you depart on Day 8, the blend of joy and a tinge of sadness marks the end of an unforgettable journey at Soulshine Bali, carrying with you memories and insights to cherish and integrate into your lives, enriched by the nurturing spa experiences that promise rejuvenation and wellness.

What You’ll Take Home

  • A new-found love for the Balinese people and their country
  • Deep and powerful connections with a special group of AMAZING retreat newbie friends
  • A physical, spiritual and mental reset
  • A newfound energy and excitement for your business and life
  • More clarity on what’s next and how the heck you’re getting there
  • Excellent resources, tips, and tools for regulating your nervous system
  • Concrete ideas for putting yourself first
  • Incredible memories (and pictures!) of your crazy adventures, mouthwatering meals, and new BFF’s
Bali retreat

On this adventure you will have 7 days of fun filled activities and experiences that will fill your creative cup and allow you to collaborate and share with your new friends for a more fulfilling life.

Through a water blessing and purification ceremony, “Leela the Game of Life” and AcuHarmonics sound healing, you will gain the tools you need to heal on a psychological, emotional and spiritual level for a more joyful life.

Through cultural and collective experiences, tours, local rituals and traditional practices you will drop the burdens of the past, experience more freedom and reconnect to your joy.

On this Bali retreat – through yoga, meditation and creative visualizations, you will identify your beliefs and values, silence your inner critic and experience a deep and meaningful connection with yourself and others embracing a new sense of hope for your future.


Feel like you need some extra private time for personal attention and trainings?

There will be the opportunity to book one on one sessions of either AcuHarmonics or Acupuncture with Nicola at a cost of $150 for 1 hour session.

The Location

Ubud in Bali is an ideal location for a spiritual, transformational, self-care, yoga, and sound healing retreat for several reasons…

Cultural and Spiritual Richness: Ubud is the cultural heart of Bali, known for its deep spiritual roots. The town is surrounded by temples, shrines, and sacred sites, offering a spiritually charged environment. This atmosphere is conducive to personal transformation and spiritual practices like meditation and yoga. The Balinese Hindu culture, with its rituals and ceremonies, adds to the spiritual ambiance, making Ubud a perfect place for those seeking to connect with their inner selves and explore spirituality.

Natural Serenity and Beauty: Ubud is nestled among lush green rice fields, rainforests, and rivers, creating a serene and tranquil setting. This natural beauty is not only visually stunning but also provides a peaceful environment ideal for yoga, sound healing, and self-care activities. The tranquility of nature in Ubud helps individuals disconnect from the hustle and bustle of daily life and fosters a deeper connection with the natural world, which is often an essential aspect of holistic healing and wellness.

Wellness and Holistic Health Focus: Ubud is a hub for wellness and holistic health. The town is home to numerous wellness retreats, yoga studios, and healing centers that offer a wide range of activities and therapies, including sound healing, meditation, yoga, and various forms of traditional and alternative therapies. The community of wellness practitioners and like-minded individuals in Ubud provides a supportive environment for those on a journey of self-care and personal transformation.

These factors combine to make Ubud an exceptional destination for anyone looking to embark on a spiritual and rejuvenating retreat.

What’s Included

  • 7 incredible days together with daily sessions and lots of juicy conversations all week!
  • Pre-trip Preparation Class
  • Meet and greet Airport taxi transfers with modern air-conditioned sedan or mini van with English speaking drivers
  • Five-star accommodations double occupancy, 7 nights at Soulshine Bali
  • Welcome flower mandala ceremony
  • Organic Spa gift bag with extra goodies
  • A beautiful Mala handmade by you!
  • 7 delicious breakfasts, 6 mouthwatering lunches and 4 beautiful dinners
  • Water Temple Tour or secluded beach day
  • Balinese cooking class
  • 60 minute Balinese Massage
  • 90 minute AcuHarmonics Group Sound Healing session
  • Daily yoga, meditation and mantra sessions
  • Our VIP Farewell Fire ceremony and Ecstatic dance
  • All scheduled adventures are totally on us – we can’t tell you all of it right now, but they will be epic!
  • A donation on your behalf to Bumi Sehat – Bumi Sehat Foundation International’s mission is to reduce maternal and child morbidity and mortality and to support the health and wise development of communities. Toward this goal, we provide general health services, emergency care, prenatal, postpartum and birth services and breastfeeding support; in addition, healthcare and youth education, environmental and disaster relief programs.

What’s Not Included

  • Your round-trip airfare from home
  • Other non-included items would include souvenir shopping, personal phone calls, extra spa services, taxis, and laundry
  • 1 lunch and 3 dinners
  • Beverages including alcohol aside from water and tea and coffee at breakfast
  • Personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance

Your Host

I’m Dr. Nicola Macdonald, a Chinese Medicine Practitioner and Hatha yoga teacher with a deep-seated passion for the interconnectedness of health, holistic well-being, and the intricate dance of life’s energies. My journey into the realms of healing and self-discovery began from a young age, fueled by a fascination with the healing arts and a series of personal challenges, including emotional turmoil and anxiety. These experiences, though daunting, lit a flame within me to explore the deeper connections between mind, body, and spirit, leading me on a path of exploration through various modalities of traditional and esoteric practices.

My serendipitous encounter in London marked the beginning of my professional journey, propelling me to undertake rigorous studies in Sydney and refine my expertise during a pivotal six-month period in China under revered masters. This adventurous spirit and commitment to healing took me to the Queen Mary 2’s Canyon Ranch Spa Club and, eventually, back to Australia where I’ve made significant contributions in Sydney and Brisbane, taking the reins at the Acupuncture and Natural Therapy Centre West End.

Beyond my clinical achievements, my passion for harmonizing body and mind recently led me to study Nada Yoga, exploring the profound impact of sound and vibration on well-being. I’ve also created the AcuHarmonics system, an innovative blend of acupuncture and sound healing, underscoring my belief in the power of integrated healing practices. My approach is characterized by empathy, compassion, and a commitment to listening, supporting my clients in achieving optimal health outcomes.

Residing in picturesque Launceston, Tasmania, I find balance and inspiration in yoga, culinary explorations, and sound and vibrational medicine. I am now extending my impact through my Soulshine Bali retreat the first of many that I’ve created for others to explore their healing journey, find balance, and emerge rejuvenated. This retreat, a culmination of my life’s work, and a testament to the belief that within each of us lies the power to overcome challenges and lead a life of joy and fulfillment.

I invite you to join me on this Bali retreat for a journey of self-discovery and healing, to unfold your own story, and discover the harmony and vitality that awaits. Stay connected with my upcoming retreats and initiatives, as I continue to weave ancient wisdom with modern wellness practices, enriching lives with my knowledge and healing touch.

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